Delivery Details

Lockdown deliveries - for week beginning 6/4/2020





Kevin will be out from 10am - 8pm and can not give any specific time slots at present. He will knock on door, and leave veg on doorstep. PLEASE return the sack for the next delivery to keep costs down, he will pick it up from doorstep etc. All sacks will be disinfected before next use.


We will not have time over the next few days to respond to individual emails. This goes against our normal personal service, but we hope you agree with us, getting your veg packed and delivered is more important at this time. We will be putting regular updates on our FB page, so please look here for any information on delivery days, new pricing etc. This will be changing weekly, if not daily, at present, due to massive fluctuations in supply price, avaialbility, and supplier delivery schedule. Please keep yourself updated.