Vegetable Bags

20150723_163434 Our Veg Bags come in two sizes, Small and Standard, depending on how much you like to eat. You can buy extra free range eggs and mushrooms, in addition to your Veg Bag (see the "Extras" section).

The Veg Bags always contain potatoes, onions and carrots, plus 4 - 6 portions of seaonal vegetables of our choice.  Do not expect to have lettuce in the Winter and parsnips in the Summer!  If you do not like a particular item of veg then let us know, and we will do out best to cater to your needs.  Our veg is proud to be dirty!


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Small Veg Bag

Product no.: 1

£9.50 / pack(s)

Standard Veg Bag

Product no.: 2

£12.50 / pack(s)

Fruit Bag

Product no.: 3

£6.00 / pack(s)