Supreme Christmas Hamper (6+ people)

Supreme Christmas Hamper (6+ people)

Product no.: 11
£23.00 / box(es)
Price includes FREE DELIVERY

Potatoes 4 kg
Onions 1.5 kg
Red Onions 1 kg
Carrots 2 kg
Swede 1
Red cabbage 1
Parsnips 2 kg
Leeks 4
Sprout stem 1
Loose Sprouts 0.6 kg
Bramley apples 1.33 kg
Cranberries 1 pack
Chesnuts 0.3
Bay leaves 1 bunch


The above list shows the contents and quantities of our Supreme Christmas Hamper.  Weights are approximate and contents may vary slightly due to the nature of vegetables!  

If you want us to replace any of the items with something else, or add more or less of something, then please let us know - we are very accomadating!

Fruit Bags also available for delivery with your Hamper for £5.50.  Extra potatoes, carrots, sprouts etc. are also available - see our Extras page.


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