Customer Testamonials

Bertie_Barnett   Bertie Barnett 'Summer salad!'






Dawn_Williams   Dawn Williams 'My first order,thank you so much!I will be in touch again'





   Dawn Williams 'From delivery to plate. Beetroot drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.'



Dawn_Williams_kohlrabi  Dawn Williams ''Kohlrabi coleslaw this is going to be a favourite in our house!'




Ffiona_Barnes  Ffiona Barnes 'Kohlrabi coleslaw wink emoticon this is going to be a favourite in our house!'







   Gwen Ackers 'Edrach mlaen I drio rhain heno!'





Kathy_Whitford   Kathy Whitford 'Hugely excited when I saw my colourful salad in my veg bag!!! Love radishes!!!'







Kelly_Duffy  Kelly Duffy 'Spinach and fruit salad!'





  Lois Mai 'Be gawn ni i ginio? Planning the sunday lunch...'










Rhiannon_Jones_heart_potatoe  Rhiannon Jones 'Another amazing selection of fruit and veg, and to top it all a heart shaped spud - thanks guys!'





Rhiannon_Jones_new_pots  Rhiannon Jones 'Wow those potatoes! Amazing, thanks guys'




Sian_Thomas  Sian Thomas 'Bowls full of fabulous fruit. Haven't had a tangerine in ages, really tasty, no pips and easy peel. Yum! Thank you Kevin and Emma x'






Tracey_Evans  Tracey Evans 'Love Fridays! Great veg bag again this week!'





Vicky_Williams  Vicky Williams 'One of life's satisfying moments! How I love Fridays!'









Michelle_Durrant  Michelle Durrant 'Lancashire butter pie made with your potatoes and onions together with a coleslaw type salad made with your beetroots and carrots. Delicious. Glad to be able to buy from you again.'





Daniel Scrase 'You get very used to delicious bags of good value local veg' 

Jay Hamilton 'Thank you for the veg and fruit. Excellent! The mulled wine sachets are brilliant - tried one last night might just have to try another tonight! Happy Christmas - see you next year'

Julie Williams 'Thank you for my christmas veg and ill see you in the new year, happy christmas to you and your family !!'

Paul Rees 'Many thanks for the veg sack I collected today. Fantastic quality and quantity. I am also very much looking forward to making the mulled wine on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!!!'

Elwyn Sharps 'Today was our first Village Veg, Waunfawr delivery. Very pleased. The Pak Choi looks particularly yummy.' 

Ayeisha McGugan 'The spinach we've been getting in our veg bag each week is the most delicious spinach I have ever tasted! The stalks are the BEST bit'

Resi Tomat 'Dear Kevin, thanks for the BRILL veg sack - all looks fab and looking forward to a daily dose of welsh veggies with my meals'

Esther Elin Roberts 'made beetroot risotto for the first time ever and was absolutely delish. thanks again.'